We know how tough it can be when trying to make anything in the USA. KERN + HYDE works with some of the best pattern makers and sample makers in Los Angeles. Let us design your clothing line or take your ideas to the cutting board and create your own custom Cut & Sew apparel. From designing, sourcing high quality textiles, to helping your brand create the right content to succeed in the industry, we have you covered. 


Your brand is the foundation of your business, but utilitarian does not mean boring–let’s tell your brand’s story with some personality. We’ll work with you through your dreams, hopes, and fears to deliver a smart, creative solution. Throughout the creative process, we’ll identify opportunities that will enhance your ideas and bring your brand to life.


Without a name, you don’t have a brand—and you can’t start your logo without it. Taking the first step to ensure you have the right name is a smart step for a stronger end solution. Are you using every opportunity to reinforce what it is you’re trying to say, sell, or do? Your brand’s name should be unique in your market space and memorable to your customer. We will work beside you and offer options that will accuratley reflect your business aspirations. 


Books are most definitely judged by their covers, and first impressions are everything. Your logo should accurately reflect the personality of your brand and represent what you do or sell in a simple visual format. 

KERN + HYDE understands how important this step of the process can be when you’re launching a new product or giving yourself a new visual identity. We’ll get you there by asking all the right questions, directing with our professional opinions, and walking you through the creative process one step at a time. We encourage idea collaboration and want you to have fun during this critical part of your brand’s development


Good things come in many-sized packages: food, beverage, ice cream, wine and cosmetics. No matter the industry, a handsome package is a long-term investment into selling your product and getting where you want to go. Packaging design also happens to be one of our favorite things to do.

We’ll work to develop a robust custom-packaging solution entirely from scratch, or we’ll find creative ways to start small. For example, a killer wine label might be the perfect solution for that stock bottle you have on hand. KERN + HYDE is here to help and to share our knowledge along the way. We also oversee prototype creation and print production.


At KERN + HYDE, we believe that everything's better when coated in originality. Let’s enhance your brand with a creative use of your logo, branded color palette, and foundational visual elements. Once your brand is launched, we’ll support your ongoing print and digital branding needs to ensure it stays stylish and resilient.

KERN + HYDE is partial to simplicity and clean layouts, and we have a passion for texture, textiles, and color. We also enjoy getting our hands dirty and experimenting with lettering, stamping, and painting when it's a good fit for a project.


We love apparel, interior design, textiles, and graphic design. KERN + HYDE is full-scale apparel design firm. We have grown our capabilities to include creative direction in this area. We’re available on a small scale basis; we’re also open to partnering with your builder, contractor, or interior design firm.

Our environmental graphic design services extend to spaces such as restaurants, brick-and-mortars, and fashion boutiques. We create idea boards that define branded selections of materials, finishes, and wall colors.  KERN + HYDE will inspire the space and concept, as well as direct the placement of signage and branded interior graphics.


We understand that a website can be an intimidating, overwhelming project. So let’s start off on the right foot and plan for your site to act as a tool for support, growth and communication with your customers. We’ll build your site with a user-friendly Content Management System, so you can easily maintain and update the content internally.